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Your business can suffer if your focus is unclear. Our RETHINK strategy transforms the role of an employer, which allows you to do what you do best: lead. Say goodbye to the minefield that is Payroll, Taxes, Workers’ Compensation, Employee Benefit Programs and HR compliance. The RETHINK strategy will eliminate human capital duties from your vocabulary, as well as the financial risk that comes with them. This is what it means to RETHINK human capital—sounds great, doesn’t it?

a powerful tool

fully integrated,

cloud-based workforce


RETHINK’s fully integrated, cloud based workforce management tool can be vital to supporting your human capital strategy. Our multi-solution service platform meets the unique needs of each client, allowing you to keep control without owning the risk. RETHINK’s innovative assortment of workforce management solutions can turn certainty to your business’s labor cost and compliance.

  • Integrated Cloud-Based Platform
  • Full Payroll Solution
  • HR Resources
  • HR Automation
  • ACA Reporting & Compliance
  • ACA Compliant Benefit Plans
  • Workers’ Compensation

the outsourcing institute:

business process outsourcing can lower total cost of HR service by          20% to 30%

Payroll & Tax calculations


Reciprocity automation

built-in test environment

employee scheduling

accrual tracking

job costing

auto-populated holidays


Don’t settle for ordinary

experience greater cost savings. really.

Eliminate large, up-front Worker’s Compensation deposits, steer clear of wage and hour violations, rid yourself of complicated measurement periods and reporting for ACA, and improve your cash flow management. With our seamless integration with payroll, businesses can remove the guesswork of calculating labor costs with RETHINK’s completely bundled offering. 

Immediately improve cash flow

Flow management savings

reduce time-consuming tasks

administrative tasks & expenses

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